Technical Committee 8

Working Groups

WG 8.1 design and evaluation of information systems

"The planning, analysis, design and evaluation of information systems for organisations."

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Chair Jolita Ralyté

Vice-Chair Janis Stirna 

Secretary John Krogstie

WG 8.2 the interaction of information systems and the organization

"Working Group 8.2 is concerned with the generation and dissemination of descriptive and normative knowledge about the development and use of information technologies in organizational contexts"

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Chair Ulrike Schultze

Vice-Chair Eija Karsten 

Secretary Catherine Middleton

Secretary Mathew Jones

WG 8.3 decision support

"The development of approaches for applying information systems technology to increase the effectiveness of decision-making in situations where the computer system can support and enhance human judgements in the performance of tasks that have elements which cannot be specified in advance."

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Chair Frédéric Adam  

Vice-Chair Frada Burstein  

Vice-Chair Ana Respício

Secretary Gloria Phillips-Wren 

WG 8.4 e-Business information systems: multi-disciplinary research and practice

"To promote collaboration across disciplines in E-Business Information Systems research and practice."

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Chair Edgar Weippl 

Vice-Chair Wichian Chutimaskul  

Vice-Chair Günther Pernul

Secretary Isao Echizen

WG 8.5 information systems in public administration

"To improve the quality of information systems in public administration at international, national, regional and local levels.

The Working Group’s special emphasis lays on a holistic consideration of e-Government and information systems in public administration."

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Chair Marijn Janssen  

First Vice-Chair Olivier Glassey

Second Vice-Chair Peter Parycek

Secretary Efthimios Tambouris 

Past Chair Jochen Scholl 

WG 8.6 diffusion, transfer and implementation of information technology

"To foster understanding and improve research in practice, methods, and techniques in the transfer and diffusion of information technology within systems that are developed and in the development process."

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Chair Deborah Bunker 

Vice-Chair Dave Wastell

Vice-Chair Eleanor Wynn

Secretary Yogesh Dwivedi 

WG 8.9 enterprise information systems

"Provide a forum for international collaboration and dissemination of research and practices in the enterprise information systems area.

Establish close cooperation between academics and practitioners in the area of enterprise information systems.

Study the design and implementation of enterprise information systems.

Increase the impact of research and development of enterprise information systems."

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Chair A Min Tjoa

First Vice-Chair Lida Xu

Second Vice-Chair Maria Raffai

Secretary Ling Li

Secretary Sohail Chaudhry

WG 8.10 service-oriented systems (joint with wg 6.12/2.14)

"Organizing and promoting a fruitful exchange of information among academics and practitioners within the scope of improving the engineering, further research, and exploitation of service-based systems."

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Chair Pierluigi Plebani

Vice-Chair Winfried Lamersdorf 

Vice-Chair Eric Dubois

Secretary Damian Andrew Tamburri 

WG 8.11 information systems security research

"The creation, dissemination, and preservation of well-formed research about information systems security."

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Chair H. Raghav Rao

Vice-Chair Allen C. Johnston

Secretary Tejaswini Herath

Editor Anthony Vance


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